Legs and Snax share a common passion for food, which usually ends up being the centerpiece of their dates. One evening after getting a taste of Snax’s entrée, Legs declared that her meal was far superior. Snax argued the merits of his meal, but Legs would not be denied. So began their tasty rivalry.

Dinner Royale is a chronicle of our meals, pitting them against each other until one plate is left standing.

Join us week to week as we eat our way into the annals of food fighting history one delicious meal at a time. Will you cheer when Legs toasts to supremacy or will your stomach grumble when Snax raises a fork to victory? Each week we battle and tally up the scores. At the end of every month, watch as that month’s loser is subjected to culinary horrors and other indecent punishments as the winner rejoices.

Plates are judged against each other by protein, sauce, veggies/sides and presentation. Color coding is awarded to the winner and ties are left unsettled in orange. Honesty is our policy; no scheming to get ahead!

We don’t pull any punches. When the dinner bell sounds we eat to the death!

Who are Legs and Snax?


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