Legs & Snax


Real name
Born and raised in Pennsyltucky, Legs moved to South Korea to teach English  immediately after college.  There her innate love of Asian cuisine and adorable possessions was cultivated. She now prefers chopsticks to a fork and knife.
Cuisine: Asian/Southeast Asian
Protein: Duck
Veggie: Eggplant and zucchini
Fruit: Clementines
Dessert: Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Taste: Umami
Fun fact
Chicken pox left her without lower eyelashes on her left eye
Bleu cheese, raw celery, asparagus, brussel sprouts, vodka, cantaloupe, watermelon, cauliflower, porkchops, flan




Real name

Born in Athens to a Greek father and Puerto Rican mother, Snax is somewhat of a hodgepodge. Being Americanized at an early age added to his already eclectic sensibilities and is evident in his kitchen misadventures.


Cuisine: Mediterranean/Greek

Protein: Turkey

Veggie: Spinach

Fruit: Navel oranges

Dessert: Flan

Taste: Spicy

Fun fact
He once helped a man from a burning vehicle while wearing Superman pajamas

Fennel seeds, raspberries, grape tomatoes, Spanish limes, gelatin, ham, bleu cheese, raw celery, watermelon, porkchops 


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